Thursday, February 4, 2010

Indo-Italiano-Greek Lunch Pot :D

I was asked by the lovely Divya Ravi to post this quick recipe up online. I'm not even half way through the pot as I write this up.

Here's the story and the ingredients.
I found an pot of Hot Madras curry sauce in my freezer that I had frozen some time ago. You can freeze these pots for months. Anyways, I bought the 475g pot a while ago at one of the Sunday Markets out in Howth. You can also buy them in other markets found in the Portmarnock Golf club Hotel and there's one in Fairview as well. I'm sure there's a load more places you can buy these, but I find the markets give a great price for 6euro for 1 or 15euro for 3. Check out Curry Sauce Website to order them online if you like. Most of them are vegetarian friendly, the odd one or two have fish in them. So I made up some pasta, used up my old sauce and threw in a load of greek natural yoghurt to calm it down a bit. That's the back story. Here's the ingredients.

Half a tub of Madras Curry Sauce
200g of Pasta (any type will do, I used Fusili, but Penne or similar should work)
200g of Greek Natural yoghurt

Cook up your pasta with a pinch of salt and a drop of olive oil. Cook it until it's soft (it lasts longer and tastes nicer if you cook it until soft and you want to store it for lunch next day).

Add your curry sauce to a frying pan, keep it on a low heat. Try not to let it bubble or boil as this will kill the taste of any sauce. Add the Greek yoghurt if it's too spicy/hot for you. It also makes it creamier too.

Drain the pasta, add the pasta back to the pot and then add the sauce. Stir until the sauce is completely mixed in.

I cleaned out the pot I bought the curry sauce in and now I use it to bring this tasty dish with me to work for a tasty work lunch.

I also guessed some of the measurements, they should be close enough, but add more as you see fit and enjoy :D


  1. Hey, I cant wait to try it out!! :) All i need to buy is the curry sauce b4 . .. thnks for posting the recipe. Keep blogging more recipes.

  2. Thanks Divya, appreciate the comment :D

    Hope ya enjoy them.
    If you want to request anything, fire ahead, I'll try my best at it and see what happens :D